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Cianfrocca's Auto Detailing offfers a enduring range of detailing services that are catered to your vehicle's specific condition and individual needs. When you call us, you tell us what you need and we will give you a sight-unseen quote over the phone.

Automotive Detailing is a necessity, not a luxury. According to the U.S. Dept. of Transportation, statistics clearly show a downward trend in new car sales that actually began more than twenty years ago. And the worst part is the biggest drop in new cars sales actually occurred in the last ten years.  Car detailing has never been just a luxury. It has always been a necessity. And, there has never been a better time than now to protect your investment and either take care of it yourself or have your car detailed by a professional.

• Corporate/Business Accounts Are Welcome

* All Major Credit Cards Accepted


Hand Wash & Dry Exterior
* Clean & Dress Tires & Rims
* Remove Light Bugs & Tar
* Vacuum Interior - (Including Storage Area)
* Clean Glass Inside & Out
* Wheel Well Wash
* Polish All Chrome
* Moderate Bugs & Tar
* Engine Wash & Dressing (owners discretion)
* Apply Professional Grade Wax
* All Carpets & Upholstery Spot Cleaned/Steamed and Shampooed
* Painted Surface Decontamination (Clay Bar)
* Professional Polishing for Showroom Shine
* Door Panels & Consoles Cleaned & Dressed
* Consoles & Vents Cleaned & Dressed
* Plastics & Vinyls Cleaned & Dressed
* Odor Removal & Scent Spray
* Black Out Trim

Detail Extras May Incur Extra Charge:

* Pet Hair Removal
* Engine Wash & Dressing (owners discretion)
* Floor Mat Dirt Extraction
* Excessive Dirt & Debris Removal
* Paint Correction
* Hard Water Spot Removal
* Leather Cleaning
* Heavy Oxidation
* Smoke Removal
* Mold Removal
* Headlight Restoration
* Painted Surface Decontamination (Clay Bar)
* Lime/Sap Removal

( depending on condition of vehicle & problem areas pricing subject to change with owners approval.)

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